Canowindra Fish Fossils

The Canowindra fish fossil site was excavated near the town of Canowindra. It is a rich late Devonian site with all the fossils preserved on a single bedding plane, part of an ancient fish community trapped in a pool of water which dried up, killing them.

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The fossils are part of the collection of the Australian Museum, but are on permanent loan to the Age of Fishes Museum in Canowindra  ( (AOFM). With the exception of a small number on loan to other collections, all of the fossils collected from this locality are held at the AOFM. The AOFM has a major display on the Canowindra fossil site including a selection of the most spectacular and important specimens on permanent display. The balance of the rest of the fossils are stored in customised storage not open to the public.

The 3D images on Pedestal are low resolution images so that members of the public can enjoy the fossil heritage of New South Wales, and so researchers can identify slabs that they may be interested in. Access to the fossils for research purposes may be granted by application to the Curator of Palaeontology at the Australian Museum (via the AM website). All of the fossils have been scanned in high resolution 3D and photography. These are available for research purposes and may be accessed by application to the Curator.

This project is a collaboration between the Australian Museum, the Age of Fishes Museum, Cabonne Shire Council, Michael Rampe, and Thomas Peachey. The move would not have been possible without the Canowindra Tyre Service and Bern's Transport.

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